Message from The Honourable Chief Minister of Sarawak

Welcome To Kuching, Sarawak "21st Asia Masters Athletics Championships 2019'. We are indeed honoured to have won the bid to host the 21st Asia Masters Athletics Championships 2019 where many master athletes from throughout the Asia Region and also from other countries will be taking part in this event besides our home athletes.

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome all of the participants who would be travelling together with their families and friends to Kuching to compete in this prestigious event.

Sarawak is no stranger to hosting international sporting events and we are able to host many regional and international sporting events because we have world class facilities.

It is our sincere hope that all our visitors will have a memorable stay in Kuching and experience Sarawak's hospitality which we are proud of. We trust that you will bring home more than just fond memories of the event.

Finally, we would also like to thank Asia Masters Athletics for the trust and confidence in us to host the 2019 Asia Masters Athletics Championships in Kuching, Sarawak.


(A Brief History)

The first unofficial meeting to form a body for veteran athletes in Asia was held in the year 1983 in India, after considering the fact that there were many veteran athletes from Asian countries participating in the World Veterans Athletics Championships and there should be an organisation to coordinate their participation. After several unofficial meetings and discussions, the Asian Veteran Athletic Association was officially formed in the year 1986 in Indonesia.

Although the official body was formed in 1986, the first Veterans’ Athletics Championships for Asian master athletes were organised on 27th July 1981, in Singapore by the effort of some former Olympians and Ex internationals. Four hundred and eight participants (408) from eight countries took part in the first veterans’ athletics championships. From then onwards, the championships were held once in two years except in 1985, when the championships were held in the following year, 1986 itself. The championships’ name was changed to Asia Masters Athletics Championships from the year 2004, in accordance with the change of the word from veterans to masters by the world body. The participation to this championships has increased tremendously from 408 in the first edition to 2000 over at present. It is expected to reach 3000 over in the near future.

Asia Masters Athletics Championships History

Edition Year Venue No. of Countries No. of Participants
1st 1981 Singapore 8 408
2nd 1983 India 8 561
3rd 1985 Singapore 11 372
4th 1986 Indonesia 11 651
5th 1988 Chinese Taipei 11 830
6th 1990 Malaysia 13 1024
7th 1992 Singapore 14 1069
8th 1994 Indonesia 14 945
9th 1996 Korea 14 1259
10th 1998 Japan 15 2502
11th 2000 India 14 872
12th 2002 PR of China 16 1660
13th 2004 Thailand 17 1259
14th 2006 India 17 1000
15th 2008 Thailand 16 1100
16th 2010 Malaysia 17 1753
17th 2012 Chinese Taipei 17 1676
18th 2014 Japan 24 2879
19th 2016 Singapore 25 1645
20th 2017 PR of China 20 2074
21st 2019 Kuching, Malaysia
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